coilsSize, Material, and Power – Designed for your process

IFI coils in every element material size available – as large as 000ga (.410″).

Coils are designed to meet space requirements as well as watt densities suitable for your application.

Custom supports (ceramics & hangers) can be supplied to help you find the best mounting location in your furnace.


Typical Applications

  • Carburizing, Annealling, Hardening, etc.

Temperature Capabilities

  • Temperatures up to 2000°F

Typical Materials Used

  • Material Types: Ni-Cr (80/20, 70/30, A, AA, C), Fe-Cr-Al
  • All wire sizes available

Terminal Options

  • Supplied with or without terminals
  • Various terminal types available to fit your application

Support Systems

  • Ceramic Supports
  • Hooks, Hangers, Cermic Plates, available

Recent Projects